Tuesday, September 23, 2008


ELEVEN was started in the early 2003. Originally formed by Palie, Rush, Ja'a, Hafiz and Man. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rush and Hafiz decided to part ways with the band. Soon later, Bart took over on vocal. After awhile, Man was replaced by Chacha on drums. In early 2004, there are changed in the line-up and Daus replaced Daus Api as the new bass player. The current line-up are Palie, Atok, Bart, Chacha and Daus. ELEVEN is a Straight Edge band that promotes positive lifestyle. We had been involved in a local compilation entitled BONDS OF OLD SCHOOL released under UnitedXFront Records and an International African Genocide Benefit compilation entitled "WE BELONG TO THE WORLD LIVING NOT FOR OURSELVES BUT FOR OTHERS " released under Crossfire Records(Japan). Now they are working on their debut EP called "Shattered Hope" will be release on December 13 during Bridging Eceans Hardcore Festival.

Eleven Discography :

Bonds Of Oldschool - Malaysian Harcore Compilation.
United Front Records.

Track Listing.
1. Our Time
2. Till The End

International African Genocide Benefit compilation.
CrossxFire Records

Track Listing.
1. Setting Myself Straight.


Streeters military said...

this is hardcore..
this is hardcore..
this is hardcore..

Anonymous said...

Sweet. looking forward on 13 Dec.

bud said...

abg baju merah verse tu cute la!