Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids On The Move.

xKOTMx is and all youthcrew turned band. its a normal thing when the kids have their own things to say and doing it with their own style. The band started out in early 2003 which kaza and dean got the idea of forming the band that finally got to chacha, lee and daus. Many friends have helped along the way. Only then the current line up exist. Before this, xKOTMx was known as Division One Champs. But then After finding out that there was another band that was using the same name. They changed it to xKOTMx because it was perfect and suitable at that time.

Today KOTM is still active even though they have went through a lot of changes through out the year. The current line-up is dean, kaza, chacha, jack and their newest member wan. After releasing their latest release, the split with Backsight, xKOTMx continues to write new song to potray their changes over the years.

Kids On The Move Discography :

Kids On The Move - "More X Crew" Demo 2004"
United Front Records / Paranoid Collective.

Track Listing.
1. A Friends For Today.
2. Never Forget.
3. More X Crew.
4. Think Again.

Kids On The Move - "Kids Who Kick 2006"
United Front Records

Track Listing.
1. Kids on the Move.
2. Kids Who Kick
3. The Blame
4. Media
5. Better Times
6. At The Same Place When The Time Has Come (Hidayah)
7. Starting Point
8. Think Out Of The Box
9. XXX
10. Self Worth (cover song from Better Than A Thousand)

Kids On The Move / Backsight - "Bridging Oceans 2008 "

United Front Records/CeaseFire Records/Hidden Value Records (Asia Version)
Eternalis Records/Kawaii Records/Nothing To Prove Records (Europe Version)

Track Listing.
1. Action trough Action
2. Drop It
3. Reality Check
4. Dulu, Kini, Selamanya
5. Starting line
6. In gratitude


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this is all the awesome band and i love them.....

thanx to : Kenet

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