Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thanks a million for making this tour.

A thousand thanks to Hereafter (australia) A Better Hope Foundation (u.s.a) Final Attack (indonesia) for coming visited malaysia. Do come again guys. We ready for you in anytime. Back On Track (kota tinggi) (Incarnation (alor setar) Crazy Joanna, Raymond the cina kelantan, Hafiz and Prettig Crew (Singapore) for accompany them along their tour in Singapore and Malaysia, We owe you much dude. xEjatx, xZulx and MOSH Apparel Crew (taiping) Amar and Freak Music (mallaca) K-rie and the rest Glendora Records crew (ipoh), Talib and Rockies Ent (pasir gudang) Min, Ian Skatanix (Penang), xEjonx, Qiela, Adam and the rest of manjung HC for putting a show for them in your area. We aprreaciate it alot. No words can describe it man. You guys fucking rules. Fansuri, Wani, Abang Zul (mallaca) MOSH HQ for give their place to stay and for anyone who involve to making this tour happed. Our backbones xSuqunx, xDausx, xKazax, xAmmarx, Taki, Asrul, Ein, Hafiz and anyone who give them ride on your vehicles, Youre the best friends we ever known. Also Aca (Straight Answer) SB Hoods, GK Brigade and the rest who come to their show, the bands who play with them, buy their merch and support them in any way. Rahman and Kancuk (indonesia) and everybody we meet during this tour, nice to know you guys. without you all we're nothing. Love you guys. Hope we can co'operate and hang around someday. Sorry if we have forgotten your name. Just fill in here (__________).
The man behind this tour. Thanks a million Guys.xPalyx, Kenet, xEinx, xSuqunx, xKazax, xDausx, xAtokx, Limbong, Ajib, Azam, Ampai, Dunga (Back On Track), Joana, Raymond, Hafiz, Udey (Incarnation), xArwithx (Utarid sdn bhd) xEjatx, Zul(MOSH), Fad, Joanna (sg), xKeithx Hati Records (Sabah) xEjonx of Awfull Faith Records, Glendora Records, MOSH Crew, Pretting Crew, Freak Music, Killer Machine, Rainbowdrop, Rockies, Rainmaker, Naif Studio, Gemerencang Studio, Soundmaker, Butch and Mic of Take Four Records/Collective, Led the real notty boy of Major Mulfuntion Records (phil), Mas Jono and Indraemon of Truside Records (ind) Yos (Thailand) Fad, Arthur (Sg) and everybody who help us along the way.
From our heart.xEinx, xPalyx, KenetOn Behalf Of United Front Records/Booking


Back On Track said...

kau terbaik!
mari romen.

Deprived of Life said...

you guys are the best!
really from me as Joneh and from me as Final Attack.
love you guys so much

Deprived of Life said...

romen itu apa?