Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ghost Town Interview

1.Hey Sam, How's it going? First of all what's your role in the band and tell me briefly about the history of Ghost Town and how it began?
Hello Kenet, I am well. I do vocals for Ghost Town. We started the band at the end of 2007, there is no cool story or anything we just wanted to start a band that was different to what was happening at the time, something with a little more depth. We then recorded a couple of demo songs ourselves and did a mini tour of the east coast of Australia. A lot of people were into it so we decided to record an EP. We recorded and released that ourselves and did a couple of Australian tours with friends bands.

2.Besides playing in a band. what do you guys do? working, study, etc...? are any members of Ghost Town playing for another band?
I currently study Audio Engineering at SAE in Brisbane. I also have my own recording studio where we recorded the Ghost Town Album. Jackson and I play in another band called Unconscious, we have just started recording our own release for that band which will be available on the Ghost Town tour in November and Chris plays in a band called Life Act.

3.Your next full length "Calamities" is going to be release this coming Halloween. How did you guys hook up with Deadsouls?
Unfortunately, the release of Calamities has been delayed a bit so it probably won't be available until the end of November. I met Marty sometime last year and showed him our EP, he was really into it and had just started up the label. He contacted me earlier this year saying that he wanted to release something for us, I told him that we were writing for an album and it went from there.

4.How many tracks will there be in "Calamities" and what kind of topic will you guys be putting on this record?
Calamities will have 11 tracks. Lyrically, some of the topics I write about on this Album is stuff that most teenagers go through when growing up like not knowing what they want to do or where they want to go with their life, misanthrope, corrupt governments and animal consumption.

5.What are the biggest influence for making "calamities"?
We decided to do an Album because we had all been in a lot of bands before that never really went anywhere and we really wanted to do a proper release.

6.Talking about your previous EP "The Way The World Ends" How has it been selling and what kind of responses have you been getting from the people in Australia? Are you guys content with the EP's sound/production?
We have sold a couple hundred copies of the EP and a lot of people seem to be really into it which is awesome but on that EP we were still trying to find our sound and what direction we wanted to take the band in.

7.Ghost Town just form back in late 2007. I'm not sure if many people know about Ghost Town in SE Asia. Are you worried if this tour is not well-received?
We are just really excited to travel, we don't really mind how the shows go, we are just happy that we get to play shows in different Countries. We have had a lot of people from SEA messaging us saying they are excited so that makes us excited to play over there.

8.Many touring bands are afraid that they might lose money on touring. Shows in SE Asia do not pay as well as compared to US, Euro, Japan and maybe Australia.Due to lower currency rate in SE Asia, How will you guys manage out your expenditure for this tour?
We don't really care about whether or not we make money, as I said in the last question, we are just excited to be traveling to different countries as most of us have never been outside Australia before.

9.Ghost Town is going on tour this coming november. What motivated you to do this tour?
Well originally we planned to release our Album on Halloween and then we got asked by Gavin at Dead Nation Records to do the tour with Gold Kids so we thought that was perfect but unfortunately we have encountered some delays so it will not be available on the tour which sucks but this stuff happens.

10.What's your expectation touring SE Asia? Aren't you bothered about terrorism issues after the Jakarta bombing last July?
We don't really know what to expect of SE Asia other than it will be really different to what we are used to. Of course we are scared by the Terrorism issues and Bombings.

11.Did you take notice of any bands from SE Asia?
I have listened to a couple of bands from SE Asia that my friends who have toured SE Asia before have told me to check out such as: Kids On The Move and Under 18.

12.How is the hardcore/punk scene in the Gold Coast currently? who are some of the up and coming bands from the Gold Coast area that we should lookout for?
The hardcore scene on the Gold Coast is great right now. Some bands that you should check out are
Marathon from Brisbane
The Surragate
People Rain

13.Last words as usual and thanks for your time. See you real soon.
Thanks for the interview Kenet, we look forward to the tour!

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