Tuesday, December 15, 2009


BOLD is one of the most influential band in Hardcore/Punk scene.Originally called Crippled Youth, the band was formed in Katonah, New York by Matt Warnke (vocals), Tim Brooks (bass) and Drew Thomas (drums).In the summer of 1989, BOLD played their final show ever, marking the end of a five-year career that established the New York City Straight Edge powerhouse as one of the most definitive hardcore bands of all time.

Being the part of late 80's youth crew band, BOLD has been touring across the U.S with youth crew counterparts such as Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge and Supertouch, established their fan base throughout the country and set Bold apart from the pack.

BOLD reunited in 2005 with Warnke on vocals, Capone on guitar, Brooks on bass and Vinny Panza on drums. John Porcelly, who periodically played with the band in the 1980s, later joined on second guitar. To coincide with the reunion, Revelation released the retrospective CD The Search: 1985-1989, which contains the band's entire recorded output.

Well over a decade later, BOLD is still the pinnacle band that epitomizes the spirit of an era in hardcore - and hitting Kuala Lumpur.MY and other S.E Asia country for their upcoming tour along with Japan Tour in 2010.

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