Sunday, February 7, 2010

Channel X - Call to quit.

Finally,after all the great experiences,good and bad. We think its time for us to say goodbye to all of you guys . We had a lot of friends since this band started and play the show from mid 2001 until early 2010. We've seen so much for the past 9 years in a scene.
We enjoy to play in this bands with all the line ups including the previous ones. Thanks to all the people,every labels and people we work with and not to forget for each kids that come to our shows to support us hc kids, sXe, punk, skinhead,thrash,all the crew, Klang valley kids and everyone. We will miss all the great things that we've done together.

stagedives,mosh,circle pits and singalong with you guys always remain in our heart. We believe this is not our final contribution to this scene but we think its our time to rest and focus with other things. Some people ask us not to RIP but we think this is the time and we already made decisions . like we said before were not giving up to spread the messages to everyone and kids out there ,because we think either we're in a band or not we still can hang out together,sharing ideas and discuss about scene and everything.
as a band we learn so much lessons from this scene.Maybe some of our mission and target not been accomplished. Channel X always care about positive thing in this scene as long as the thing is to build and teach all the kids and everyone. We also listen any positive and negative feedback from everyone because too us nobody is perfect ,so we try to do our best to make things better . There's so many things we wanna talk about when we are as a band as we want to help and let everyone know especially for the young generations.

We're so really sad, when we hear and see a lot of negative things happen among the young generation. Basically when people hear the positive things automatically they think we wanna talk about the straight edge ideas and sort of that. but the most important thing is we try to deliver to everyone how important is the positive lifestyle in our life. We love this scene so much but what we are doing rite now is not to ask or force everyone to follow what we are saying . we only give the ideas and show the way to all the kids to think which one is good and bad? that's all..because we're here not just as a band and their fans but more like friends so that there is not gap between the kids and the bands , we also still learning and try to share and get more friends because that will make us more close with the kids.

As a hardcore band, basically we not to gain profit or what so ever. We play what we want and not what there want . If we happy we our music that should be good. If everyone outside there loves with our music that should be a bonus to us to self motivate for the band. Channel X did not ends here as our principles will live forever in our heart but we still here to support other bands because nowadays there's a lot great hardcore band exist and all the kids should give support to them.

Finally..thanks to all the kids around this country and from all the region..Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand also European kids especially from Germany who always buy our stuff and merch. we've so much fun to know you guys..lastly if you guys miss to watch us on stage.. feel free to come to our last show on 20 FEBRUARY 2010 at ONE CAFE, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Kuala Lumpur with Out Of Step (German Posifore Hardcore)