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Abhorrence / Under 18

Abhorrence's promising band hailing from Europe (Slovakia). Their live appearances are brutal, pissed off and kick ass sight full of energy. With inspiration from bands such as For The Fallen Dreams or Bury Your Dead, Abhorrence exhibits a youthful and modern "hard core" sound. The band played lot of shows/(3 European tours) in their home country and in mid Europe as well. (sharing stages with bands like Unearth, Caliban, Parkway Drive, First Blood, Born From Pain, Heaven Shall Burn, Full Blown Chaos, Agnostic Front, 100 demons, Shai Hulud and many more) Their entirely first product - 7inch in 2002 (Vegan Idea rec.), debut CD entitled "Burial Of Evil" in 2004 (Deadbutcher rec.), MCD "The Blood Of Hatred" in 2006 (Deadbutcher rec.) and latest full-length in 2008 (Deadbutcher rec.) have proved, that they aren't fooling around, but working really hard! At the moment working on new tracks and ready to hit the studio (August 2009) to record a new single as a sample of their upcoming full-length.

Hometown : Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Genre : Hardcore / Punk / Beatdown
Label : Deadbutcher Records
Link/Myspace : ABHORRENCE

1. Hye Dajko. Tell me your role in the band and how was Abhorrence formed?
- Hi man, Abhorrence was born in 2000, coming from Bratislava city (Slovakia), just bunch of guys living their dream. Founding members are singer, drummer and Krivic - one of the guitarist. I play bass.

2. From the start till today how many releases did Abhorrence release?
Any future release plans?
- Well, even if we do our best, we have only 4 under belts (7inch/MCD/2 times full length). Closest plans are about the trip to SEA and our first video in September_09. In 2010 new full length, EU tour and some more ill places where we have never been before, so let's see, coz this is always subject to change.

3. Hardcore in South East Asia are not really big/popular, to compare
with euro, america or japan. So.. What makes you so interested to do a South East Asia Tour?
- We have always wanted to play some wild places as well as play shows
generally, so SEA is the next experience and of course exept shows we cant wait for the nature and lifestyle. But the same we would say about US or Japan. We love to travel, even more so when playing shows.

4. Abhorrence has done 3 European tours and shared the stage with big hardcore bands like Unearth, Parkway Drive, Heaven Shall Burn and a other bands. So, What is your expectation in South East Asia.?
- Huge mosh pits, nice people, cheap electronic, pretty girls, hot weather,
annoy monkeys:), Petronas Twin Towers in KL and hopeing to get to see the strange mermaid who was reportedly found in MY!!! Its true or hoax?:)

Coming 18th October at Kuala Lumpur Abhorrence will share the same stage with living legend punk rock band "No Use For A Name". How did you feel or react when you found out that your going to be sharing the same stage as NUFAN?
- We have never been listening punkrock music, but of course know them. Anyway, it's great that we were added on the bill and playing such a huge show.

6. What do you guys do besides performing together as a band?
- Everybody have regular jobs - plus im studying university, drumer and guitarist are engineers, me and singer have common bussines, other guitarist is working for the national TV like soundmaster. The band is our hobby...

7. If you had chance to change something in the world. What would it be?
- Resurrection of Michal Jackson:)

8. Lastly. thanks for taking time to reply this interview. See you this October.
- No dude, thanx for YOUR time and support. See you soon!!!


Under 18 was a hardcore punk band formed and rising on Bandung City in 1997. Their style was flavoured by New York hardcore skinhead style, and their primarily hardcore sound was flavoured by influences ranging from band called Warzone, a band that come from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Their songs, mostly give any messages for the long live hardcore scene in Bandung. Releasing their debut EP in 1999 with the tittle OSHC Till Die" Then joined in undoground Compilation" that released on France in 2001. Later, releasing 4 Way Split Band "Rockin Riot vol" 2 under United Races Records in 2003. Under Linoleum Records, released 12 songs LP/CD and Cassettes called loyalitas in 2007, and available in a compilation called "Total Destroy" vol 1 released by Chaotic Records in a same years. On 2008, they available on Riot Connection Records Compilation in Germany and Family Compilation that was released by Linoleum Records in the same years. Under 18 has done lots of tour in Indonesia with any local and foreign band.

Band : UNDER 18
Hometown : Bandung, Indonesia
Genre : Hardcore / Punk
Label : Linoleum Records
Link/Myspace : UNDER 18

1. Tell us your name and what you role are you in the band?
- Yeah, I'm Seeon taking for the interview . . . OK, Under 18 are Seeon and Tepeng on vocal, Iev on Guitar, Budrexxx on Bass and Joko on Drumm.

2. How did Under 18 start and how many releases have under 18 come out with so far?

- Under 18 was start as a side project band since 1997, when all of the members were still in high school. Previously, all personnel already have a band before then we met and started this band with a reason, yes. . . Warzone so the only reason why this band was born. We're very love NYHC style, especially the legendary Warzone. Under 18 was start with cover Warzone songs at the first time, and still like that until now. . . we're ever joined with any local and overseas compilation before finally we're to release an album. In 1999, we're release a demo album called "OSHC till die" (self released). Then we're join the compilation in France called "Indoground Compilation" at 2001. In 2003, joined in 4-Way split "Rockin Riot vol #2" released by United Races Records. In 2007, we're release Full Length album, called "Loyalitas" that have released by Linoleum Records and joined "Total Destroy Compilation" by Chaotic Records. In 2008, joined in two compilation, 揜iot Connection, Indonesia Germany split by Riot Connection Records and "Family Compilation vol #1" by Linoleum Records.

3. Correct me if i'm wrong, This is your first time touring outside Indonesia right? So hows your feeling and what are your expectation playing in Singapore and Malaysia?
- Yeah, that's absolutely right. This is our first tour outside of Indonesia. We only heard about Singapore and Malaysia through TV, Internet and friends who have toured there, and we're just keep in touch by internet with some people before we have a chance to go there. We really excited for this, to do the shows, to hang out, meet new friends, mingle with the culture over there, visiting new places, meet with hardcore / punk / skinhead boys there, and a lot of another fun. Yeah, hopefully it will be the great tour for us, to meet with a good attitude guys in Singapore and Malaysia. Yeah, we're really excited for sure

4. How is bandung's hardcore scene right now? Any upcoming/good band you'd recommend?

- Increasingly crowded and developed, we've very proud of that. Starting from the reappearance of the old bands, until the presence of new bands that more and more. It makes things even more crowded here and better than 3 or 4 years ago. Hopefully, it will be always like this, or even more evolved than the previous. And get stronger than before. Too many hardcore bands that we wish to recommend, but maybe you can check some new names like Damage Done, Standfree, Outright, Forgotten Generation. Yeah check them on Myspace.

5. If i come to bandung for vacation where is the best place/spot to visit? Mountain? beaches? waterfall etc?

- The first place you should try to visit is a place where we usually gather, ahahahah . . . oh ok, if you want to visit a mountain, we can bring you to a place called Tangkuban Parahu, it is a mountain with a crater and it's good, and then you can just visit the hot spring pools which was not far from there, named Ciater Hot Spring. If you like shopping, you can visit some factory outlets and distros here . . . hahaha . . . if you like to visit the place of traditional culture, well ... we can bring you to that place. . . You will see several options for places to visit here

6. what are the things you like and hate about the scene today? why?

- Yes, many things we liked in this scene, maybe one of them is the presence of new bands who can support each other and mingle with old bands that already exists. We can share the fun in a gigs, add new friends and so on. And in bandung we have several communities in the scene, and it became one of that we like because it will have a variety, but now it's like being a boundary between the hxc kids are there, starting from small things like the difference place to hang out, differences in idealism, etc. Well, we really hate things like that, because we want to try to united and mutually supportive of one another

7. Lastly. Thanks for your time. see you for real this October at the upcoming gig.

- Yeaaaaaah, see ya for real in october guys. we're really excited and can't wait.

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