Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eleven Interview

1. First and foremost. Please tell us your name and your role in Eleven?
- My name is Bart. I am the vocalist of Eleven.

2. Tell us a brief of history of Eleven from when you first.
- Eleven was started in the early 2003. Originally formed by Palie, Rush, Ja'a, Hafiz and Man.
Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rush and Hafiz decided to part ways with the band.
Soon later, I took over as vocalist. Man was replaced afterwards, by Chacha on drums.
In the early 2004, Eleven has restructured its line up, Daus as the new bass player. Fast
forward to 2009, our current line up are Bart, Daus, Palie, Atoq & Arafat.

3. "Shattered Hope" is the first EP from Eleven and you guys has been around for ages, more than 5 years i guess, why take so long to release this EP?
- While in the process of releasing the EP , we've made quite number of changes in the music
arrangements to get the desired final product that we wanted. Since, we released our EP with
our own pocket money and due to each individual financial commitments and the process itself
doesn't costs cheap so it got delayed for awhile.

4. You guys have a critical opinion in certain subjects, what is your influence in writing lyrics? And what are the bands that influence you? Do you think that hardcore bands should get political?
- My writing gets easily influenced by everything in general, but i most passionate about stuff that are related mostly to positivity, war, child abuse, drugs. Bands that influenced me the most are Minor Threat, Champion and Verse. Their lyrics have made such an absolute impact that it lingers in your mind. I think everybody has their own views and ideas on politics but i have no right to imposed such idea that all hardcore bands have to be political, its up to the individual.

5. What motivate you guys to stay drug free until today? Why do you choose to be a straight edge band?
- It's the values and principles. Well, it's not that bad, to live a healthy and positive lifestyle. We're not forced to choose what we want to be, instead it is our choice to live drug free.

6. If you are not into the HC/Punk scene. What do you think would have happened to you? Would you say that HC/Punk saved your life?
- I won't die of course. I guess, i would be like one of those people out there who enjoys any
other music like normal folks do. But HC/Punk does helped to distract me from other negative
stuff that happened around me when i was growing up and now, i found a passion for life.

7- What do you like most about the scene today?
- The scene now is much bigger compared to the good ol' days. Plus, we get to see more of
International hardcore bands performed in Malaysia.

8. If someone could get a message from your band, what would you like it to be?
- The choice is yours, it's yours to make it.

9. If you could do a split release with any band that you like, what band would that be?
- Champion.

10. Can you share with us Eleven future plan? Any tour, new records or anything in mind?
- We plan to tour Asia in near future & a 2nd EP wouldn't hurt either. We would love to do a
split with Hold X True someday.

11. Thanks for your time. Any last words for the readers?
- Thank you for interviewing us. Do feel free to check out our band at ELEVEN Myspace.

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